Fee Program & Funding

El Paso County has had a Road Impact Fee Program in place since 2010. The Program is a method to more fairly and equitably allocate the impact of new development on roads and to recover the costs instead of individually negotiated developer agreements. The current MTCP Update will also be updating the fee program. The project team will work with the EPC Fee Advisory Committee to update the program based on a new road improvement plan, updated cost data and other program changes that may be identified based on the County’s experience with administering the fee program over the past 6 years.

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DRAFT Road Impact Fee Report is available for
review and comment

The DRAFT Road Impact Fee report for the 2016 Major Transportation Corridors Plan Update is available for review. El Paso County is seeking input on fee recommendations. Use the space below to leave comments about the draft impact fee report. Thank you for your participation!

Download the report (9MB PDF)

Draft Plan Comments